Java GUI to create schedules for UNCG students
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2020-08-05 20:03Update stale link in READMENick Econopouly1+1-1
2020-05-05 18:30Add DB for painless code review later (#81)wrycode11+15602-187
2020-05-05 17:30Updated UML diagram and wireframe (#80)Ilyass Sfar3+0-0
2020-05-05 16:16styleguide (#79)toldge4+57-52
2020-05-04 20:59Nick/srd (#78)wrycode8+192-16
2020-05-04 19:40uml diagram (#77)Ilyass Sfar1+0-0
2020-05-04 18:49mvc architecture diagram (#76)jamisonv931+0-0
2020-05-04 17:45Add screenshot and authors to readme (#75)wrycode2+13-4
2020-05-04 17:05More email test cases, and style guide (#74)Ilyass Sfar3+13-6
2020-05-03 20:15Styleguide - format and whitespace (#73)Ilyass Sfar11+147-85
2020-04-27 23:42Allow User to Update DB with drag and drop (#71)Ilyass Sfar6+264-75
2020-04-27 23:10Created docs file, and added wireframe (#72)Ilyass Sfar1+0-0
2020-04-21 23:05Style guide changes (#69)toldge15+246-183
2020-04-21 01:57add comments (#68)jamisonv933+17-15
2020-04-21 00:10Nick/style (#67)wrycode4+147-166
2020-04-20 21:57Make most of the UI keyboard-navigable (#66)wrycode2+36-30
2020-04-20 15:09Completed Version of New Design (#65)jamisonv937+246-68
2020-04-18 19:11Added a test for email validation (#64)Ilyass Sfar1+46-4
2020-04-13 21:07Toldge (#62)toldge1+16-17
2020-04-13 15:12Added a Dark Mode option (#61)Ilyass Sfar4+5561-1372
2020-04-12 20:02Made email button fully functional (#60)Ilyass Sfar7+150-88
2020-04-08 21:46Added Webview with basic web buttons to "registration" screen (#56)Ilyass Sfar10+128-39
2020-04-07 22:23Toldge adapter (#55)toldge9+181-41
2020-04-07 01:22Add email API button in UI (#54)Ilyass Sfar5+115-22
2020-04-01 19:23style and refactor (#53)jamisonv934+51-54
2020-03-30 13:33more info in CRN pop up (#52)jamisonv932+7-3
2020-03-30 05:53Nick/arrow keys (#51)wrycode1+77-63
2020-03-30 00:43Add button to remove all selected courses (#50)wrycode3+19-9
2020-03-30 00:08Added a Email API (#49)Ilyass Sfar10+124-137
2020-03-29 23:18Merge pull request #48 from cloud0x9/nick/update-spring-datawrycode3+23486-14
2020-03-29 20:13Improve CRN pop up design (#47)jamisonv932+10-13
2020-03-29 14:58Jamison/gui change (#46)jamisonv9310+424-299
2020-03-29 14:36Setup basic API (#45)Ilyass Sfar5+143-7
2020-03-22 13:55improve schedule grid design (#44)jamisonv936+160-113
2020-03-20 23:47Set up for adding entries to the calendar/schedule in the GUI (#42)jamisonv938+520-167
2020-03-18 21:16Changes to GUI and more model implementation (#41)jamisonv9311+361-191
2020-03-17 00:07Jamison (#39)jamisonv937+248-78
2020-03-16 19:05rebuild DB with included Fall 2020 files (#37)jamisonv9314+84230-436
2020-03-16 02:36Refactor; add Admin class with regenDB (including courselists) (#35)wrycode19+539-66523
2020-03-15 22:23Revert "fix deprecated spring2020 and summer2020 files"Jamison Valentine2+285-9940
2020-03-15 22:16fix deprecated spring2020 and summer2020 filesJamison Valentine2+9940-285
2020-03-07 04:26Merge pull request #32 from cloud0x9/sfarwrycode6+2870-88
2020-03-03 19:32Merge pull request #29 from jamisonv93/refactorjamisonv9318+62508-221
2020-03-01 18:43Merge pull request #22 from cloud0x9/new-uijamisonv933+33-15
2020-03-01 16:36Merge pull request #21 from cloud0x9/new-uijamisonv931+1298-1217
2020-03-01 16:14Merge pull request #20 from cloud0x9/new-uijamisonv935+1348-129
2020-02-27 18:45Merge pull request #17 from cloud0x9/sfarwrycode2+56-18
2020-02-24 03:56Merge pull request #10 from wrycode/tempwrycode4+30-15
2020-02-23 15:43Merge pull request #9 from jamisonv93/updatesjamisonv9330+510-1301
2020-02-20 19:29Merge pull request #7 from cloud0x9/sfarwrycode1+22-29
2020-02-19 00:03Merge pull request #3 from wrycode/cssNick Econopouly4+19-17
2020-02-18 21:49Merge pull request #4 from jamisonv93/masterNick Econopouly10+144-97
2020-02-18 21:46Merge pull request #6 from cloud0x9/sfarNick Econopouly1+25-12
2020-02-17 00:04Merge pull request #2 from jamisonv93/masterNick Econopouly14+58112-0
2020-02-15 18:35Create README.mdIlyass Sfar1+2-0
2020-02-15 18:34Add files via uploadIlyass Sfar3+971-0
2020-02-15 18:33Delete ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-33
2020-02-15 18:33Delete Tests.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-22
2020-02-15 18:33Delete TestFile.txtIlyass Sfar1+0-916
2020-02-15 18:33Add files via uploadIlyass Sfar3+971-0
2020-02-15 18:32Delete ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-35
2020-02-14 00:23Delete pom.xmlIlyass Sfar1+0-85
2020-02-14 00:23Delete README.mdIlyass Sfar1+0-2
2020-02-14 00:23Delete .gitignoreIlyass Sfar1+0-23
2020-02-14 00:22Delete ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-37
2020-02-14 00:22Create ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+35-0
2020-02-14 00:21Delete GetData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-58
2020-02-14 00:21Delete SaveData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-44
2020-02-14 00:21Delete DataController.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-12
2020-02-14 00:21Update ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+5-9
2020-02-10 03:07Merge pull request #1 from wrycode/maven-setupIlyass Sfar9+240-156
2020-02-06 22:00Update ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+3-1
2020-02-06 21:40Update DataController.javaIlyass Sfar1+3-2
2020-02-06 21:29Update ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+1-2
2020-02-06 21:29Update ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+2-3
2020-02-06 00:51Update DataController.javaIlyass Sfar1+2-3
2020-02-06 00:48Update README.mdIlyass Sfar1+1-1
2020-02-06 00:47Update README.mdIlyass Sfar1+2-2
2020-02-06 00:46Add files via uploadIlyass Sfar4+156-0
2020-02-06 00:45Delete DataController.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-12
2020-02-06 00:45Delete GetData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-57
2020-02-06 00:45Delete ParseData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-43
2020-02-06 00:45Delete SaveData.javaIlyass Sfar1+0-44
2020-02-06 00:43Add files via uploadIlyass Sfar4+156-0
2020-02-06 00:43Initial commitIlyass Sfar2+25-0