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diff --git a/general/faq.txt b/general/faq.txt @@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ them. Note that a green circle only means that the contact has announced their presence on the DHT. It does not indicate a direct connection to their device. In some cases, a contact may be able to send and receive -DHT messages but cannot make calls or file transfers because of their +messages but cannot make calls or file transfers because of their firewall. @@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ Does Jami support read reciepts? Can I turn them on or off? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ You can enable or disable read receipts on Android. Other platforms -only have partial or no support. Please see :doc:`All Features by +may still be working on this feature. Please see :doc:`All Features by Client <all-features-by-client>` for the current status. Does Jami support typing notifications? Can I turn them on or off? @@ -94,8 +94,9 @@ Why is my contact not seeing my avatar? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Due to technical limitation, avatars are only transfered to your -contacts during a video or audio call. This limitation will disappear -when :ref:`group chats <general/technical-overview:swarms>` are released. +contacts during a voice or video call. This limitation will disappear +when :ref:`group chats <general/technical-overview:swarms>` are +released. Why aren't my sent messages showing up on all linked devices? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@ -107,7 +108,21 @@ The :ref:`swarm <general/technical-overview:swarms>` update will introduce full conversation sync between linked devices for all conversations (including one-on-one conversations). +Can I message offline contacts? +~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ +Jami does not yet have offline/persistent messages because of its +distributed nature. + +Your messages can't be queued on a central server so both contacts +must be online to message each other. If you send a message to an +offline contact, Jami will save the message on your device and send it +to them then they come online. + +There are some possible future solutions to this issue, including +:ref:`swarms <general/technical-overview:swarms>`, which will allow +users to set up their own "server" node to receive messages for +them. How can I make a bug report? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@ -277,7 +292,7 @@ username to a new Jami Id at the discretion of the administrator of that name server. For more information about name servers, see :ref:`the Technical Overview -<general/technical-overview:name servers>`. +<general/technical-overview:Name servers and ns.jami.net>`. Can I recover my account if I forget my password? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~