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diff --git a/changelog.md b/changelog.md @@ -72,10 +72,20 @@ delete this page once the new docs get accepted for docs.jami.net - linking to other parts of the documentation summary: for whole - documents, use :doc:`link title <relative-path-no-file-extension>`, - for parts of documents, use :ref:`link title - <full/path/to-doc-no-file-extension:headline title with spaces (case - insensitive)>` + documents, use + +``` +:doc:`link title <relative-path-no-file-extension>` +``` + +for headings in documents, use +```rst +:ref:`link title <full/path/to-doc-no-file-extension:headline title with spaces (case sensitive)>` +``` + +There are many examples in the [FAQ](general/faq). Please test +your links before submitting patches. TODO: add this information to +the contribution guide. - markdown works fine but RST is better because then we can generate a pdf of the documentation diff --git a/general/faq.txt b/general/faq.txt @@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ Why is my contact not seeing my avatar? Due to technical limitation, avatars are only transfered to your contacts during a video or audio call. This limitation will disappear -when `group chats <technical-overview.html#swarms>`_ are released. +when :ref:`group chats <general/technical-overview:swarms>` are released. Why aren't my sent messages showing up on all linked devices? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@ -103,7 +103,7 @@ Why aren't my sent messages showing up on all linked devices? All of your devices receive the same messages from your contacts, but *sent* messages will not show up on all of your devices. -The `swarm <technical-overview.html#swarms>`_ update will introduce +The :ref:`swarm <general/technical-overview:swarms>` update will introduce full conversation sync between linked devices for all conversations (including one-on-one conversations). @@ -198,8 +198,8 @@ optional): 4. A password. This password is used to protect the account archive in your device. -More information about Jami accounts, is in Jami's `Technical Overview -<technical-overview.html#what-is-a-jami-account>`_. +More information about Jami accounts is in Jami's :ref:`Technical Overview +<general/technical-overview:jami account>`. Where is my Jami ID? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@ -260,8 +260,8 @@ There are two ways to back-up your account: 1. Link another device to your account so your account will be on two devices. You can find this option in the account settings page. -2. Back up the `account archive - <technical-overview.html#account-storage-and-backup>`_ . This file +2. Back up the :ref:`account archive + <general/technical-overview:Account storage and backup>` . This file can be found in the account files `folder <#where-are-the-configuration-files-located>`_. In some clients, you can export this archive from the account settings. @@ -276,8 +276,8 @@ If you use a different name server, there may be a way to move a username to a new Jami Id at the discretion of the administrator of that name server. -For more information about name servers, see `the Technical Overview -<technical-overview.html#name-servers>`_. +For more information about name servers, see :ref:`the Technical Overview +<general/technical-overview:name servers>`. Can I recover my account if I forget my password? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ @@ -311,8 +311,8 @@ If you do not want to lose your account, please `back it up What happens when I link a new device? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -When you link a device to your account, your `account archive -<technical-overview.html#account-storage-and-backup>`_ is put on the +When you link a device to your account, your :ref:`account archive +<general/technical-overview:account storage and backup>` is put on the Jami network for a few minutes. It is protected by a password Jami gives you. diff --git a/general/technical-overview.txt b/general/technical-overview.txt @@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ If you are still struggling to understand part of this document, please reach out to us and we can try to help you understand it or make improvements, if needed. -What is a Jami account? +Jami account ----------------------- A Jami account is an x.509 certificate as defined by `RFC @@ -66,8 +66,8 @@ Account storage and backup Jami serializes account data using JSON, including contacts, daemon settings, certificates, revoked devices, display name, and almost anything else besides message history. The file is compressed using Gzip -and stored in the `account files -folder <faq.html#where-are-the-configuration-files-located>`__ as +and stored in the :ref:`account files +folder <general/faq:Where are the configuration files located?>` as ``archive.gz``. If you use an account password, this file will also be encrypted. @@ -219,8 +219,8 @@ each message is a commit. Participants include all linked devices, so swarms will bring much-requested full conversation sync between devices. This also fixes -a few other things like `contacts not seeing avatars -<faq.html#why-is-my-contact-not-seeing-my-avatar>`_. +a few other things like :ref:`contacts not seeing avatars +<general/faq:Why is my contact not seeing my avatar?>`. Group conference calls ----------------------