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changelog.md (5002B)

      1 # Changelog
      3 I'm documenting what I've done with the docs here for SFL. We will
      4 delete this page once the new docs get accepted for docs.jami.net
      7 - added "How to contribute to this documentation"
      8 - refactored build guide (old build page should still be checked to
      9   make sure I didn't remove anything important)
     10 - rewrote introduction
     11 - organized everything into a series of chapters like "General",
     12   "Technical Reference", etc (every page can be accessed at any time
     13   through the sidebar)
     14 - removed handwritten tables of contents in pages and replaced them with autogenerated TOCs
     15 - fixed grammer and spelling in FAQ; added all questions from the old
     16   Ring FAQ that hadn't been added yet; added everything from the
     17   website FAQ; combined some similar questions
     18 - Old links were out of date and not very useful, but just in case, here they are:
     19   - <https://web.archive.org/web/20181226012503/https://ring.cx/en/documentation/faq>
     20   - <https://web.archive.org/web/20181226012541/https://ring.cx/en/about/privacy-and-anonymity>
     21   - <https://web.archive.org/web/20180224163130/https://ring.cx/en/about/practical>
     22   - old wiki link no longer works: <https://tuleap.ring.cx/plugins/mediawiki/wiki/ring/index.php?title=Special:AllPages>
     23 - added some new questions to the FAQ
     24 - added all relevant questions from the jami.net FAQ to this FAQ (we
     25   should just have one document)
     26 - made all headlines in the FAQ questions
     27 - uploads/media are now located in the same directory as the document that refers to them
     28   - if documents from multiple chapters refer to a file, the file can
     29 	go in the media/ directory
     30 - renamed guides to "How to..." based on this advice:
     31   <https://documentation.divio.com/how-to-guides/>
     32 - Changed filenames to lowercase-with-hyphens, and use .md for
     33   markdown and .txt for reStructuredText following this:
     34   <https://documentation-style-guide-sphinx.readthedocs.io/en/latest/style-guide.html>
     35   - all documents should only have one h1, which becomes the title of the document
     36 - Moved most of the audio/video stuff into a separate
     37   "troubleshooting" page; IMO these types of troubleshooting questions
     38   aren't meant for the FAQ and they make it look bad. Some of them
     39   should be deleted alltogether, for instance questions asking the
     40   location of a setting which is just sitting there in the "general
     41   settings" page.
     42 - deleted UI and UX development page because it was useless and
     43   completely outdated and all of the image links were broken (it can
     44   be remade later if needed)
     45 - deleted many broken image/file links from other pages
     47 - moved many old pages into extra/ where we can start culling or
     48   reintegrating them. plenty are just old drafts that can probably be
     49   deleted
     54 ## Notes
     56 - FAQ is pretty large. I don't know if parts of it should be moved to
     57   other pages
     59 - the "General" chapter should remain the top priority; we should be
     60   open to debate about which things to include or exclude, and we
     61   should strive to keep the chapter complete and correct. 99% of users
     62   won't read the other chapters. The first chapter is still an entry
     63   point, so it counts as marketing as well as documentation.
     65 - Linking guide: from the "General" chapter, only link to other
     66   documents in the same chapter, except for the technical overview,
     67   which can link to the technical reference. For instance, in the FAQ,
     68   link to the name server heading of the Technical Overview, but in
     69   the Technical Overview, you can link to the name server page of the
     70   technical reference (there are a few exceptions, like linking to
     71   "How to contribute")
     74 - linking to other parts of the documentation summary: for whole
     75   documents, use
     77 ```
     78 :doc:`link title <relative-path-no-file-extension>`
     79 ```
     81 for headings in documents, use
     82 ```rst
     83 :ref:`link title <full/path/to-doc-no-file-extension:headline title with spaces (case sensitive)>`
     84 ```
     86 There are many examples in the [FAQ](general/faq). Please test
     87 your links before submitting patches. TODO: add this information to
     88 the contribution guide.
     90 - markdown works fine but RST is better because then we can generate a
     91   pdf of the documentation
     95 ## TODO
     96 - add notes about cross-referencing documents in the contribution guide
     97 - make a more general "contribute" page (like https://jami.net/contribute/ )
     98 - edit the bug report guide
     99 - go through the old build instructions page and make sure the new
    100   chapter isn't missing something
    101 - organize the technical reference
    102 - delete some pages from the technical reference or the "Extra" chapter
    103 - Improve PDF generation
    104 - Internationalization
    105 - other TODOs listed throughout the documentation
    106 - Finish the Technical Overview in the General chapter (we're about halfway done)
    107 - Finish going through the FAQ (I need to check the "Advanced" section
    108   for spelling and grammar, and there may be some redundancy)
    109 - Finish the "Feature requests" and "Troubleshooting" pages
    110 - Someone need to write the DHTproxy guide (one user has volunteered
    111   to give us a checklist after he does it)